Island of Capri

The island of Capri is the pearl of the Gulf of Naples.

It has lush vegetation, an extraordinary sea, and wonderful caves.

Capri has enchanted writers, poets, musicians, painters, many filmmakers who have chosen it as a backdrop for their movies and filled the tables of the famous square, named “Piazzetta”.

The coast is rugged, has several caves and coves that alternate with formidable cliffs. During the Roman Empire the caves were used as “nymphaeum”, fountains adorned with mosaics and statues, in the beautiful villas that were built here. The most famous cave is undoubtedly the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), with magical lighting effects. The most important centre is Capri reachable by bus from the dock of Marina Grande. The square Umberto I, knows as “Piazzetta” is the centre of the town, and since the Thirties is the fulcrum of tourist life.

Here is Palazzo Cerio, civil architecture in a building that housed the Angevin Queen Giovanna I, now Ignazio Cerio Centre. The square is dominated by the church of St. Stephen, in Baroque style with Moorish domes, a precious floor from Villa Jovis and a nice bell tower with a clock.

The complex of the Certosa di St. Giacomo is one of the finest examples of Caprese architecture. Built in the 1300’s and expanded in the 1600’5, it has a gorgeous view of the Faraglioni.

Capri axel Munthe

Capri, Villa of Axel Munthe

The Gardens of Augustus are criss-crossed by innumerable alleys and little stairways, is an oasis of green with a magnificent belvedere.

From here arrives at the Marina Piccola by way Via Krupp, a tortuous street that descends to the sea.

The most famous walk of Capri is the one that takes you to belvedere of Tragara, a shaded square with views over the Faraglioni; the first named “Stella” nearest the coast, is 109 mt high, the middle one “Faraglione di mezzo” is 81 m high and the third, “Scopolo” is 104 mt high and inhabited by the rare blue lizard.

On the north-eastern point of the island rises Villa Jovis, the most conspicuous Roman remains, ordered by the Emperor Tiberius; on a sheer cliff 330 mt high named after the Emperor “Jump of Tiberius”.

Anacapri is smaller and a quieter town Capri with  gracious streets, white houses immersed in green.

The most important monument is St. Michele church, built in the XVII century and designed by Domenico Vaccaro. The Villa has a beautiful majolica floor.

In Anacapri have been built the famous Villa San Michele on the remains of Roman ruins by Axel Munthe, the Swedish doctor who lived on the island for 50 years.

He set here his novel “the story of St. Michele”, helping to spread the fame of the island in the world.

The elegant and original villa is furnished with pieces from XVIII century, as well as works of art and finds from Roman times. The garden that surrounds the house is a rare beauty.

Anacapri is the departure point for the chairlift that conduct tourist to the top of the Mount Solaro (600m), the highest point of the island, from which the view is enchanting.

Capri tour

The Blue Grotto is at Anacapri too, whose enchanted cavern attracts tourist from all over the world.

Known to the Romans and rediscovered in 1800’s it owes its fascinating aspects to a geological phenomenon that caused its lowering by about 20m, bringing the entrance to the cave to almost below sea level. The light filtered by crystalline water fills the cave with an exceptional blue colour.

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